A really great book on life for anyone – BUT ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE UNDER 50



200 page book. 3 sections. 10 chapters.


Doesn’t sound that different from many others we may have read over the years, does it?


Yet, this one is.




This was on one of those lists from a podcast company saying it was one of the most important books ever written and they consolidated it into an 18 minute audio recap.  While I listen to CDs on various topics regularly, I still try to read two books a week to keep my mind active and open to new ideas.

This is not a typical “self-help” book. Many of them have some good points, but just as many focus on a single message, often leading to other products to buy.  Nothing wrong with that.

I have a great deal of respect for many University and college professors and was proud to be affiliated with the Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Educators (CHRIE) for 6 years with a professional membership. I taught at three different universities and colleges as an adjunct professor over a 20 year period.  An issue I have with a good number of institutions is the requirement for research and studies that do not have much practical application for most of us.

This book and these authors do not take that approach.

The primary author, Clayton Christensen begins with life observations that many of his classmates, despite many achievements, were clearly disappointed with their lives. What faces many of us – failed marriages, issues with family and the weakening of many personal relationships are briefly and well stated as indicators of serious issues that negatively affected lives.

For background, Christensen is not a typical professor.  He has been involved in many different business and industries.  He is an author of substance and practical application.   He recognized issues about success and failure and talks about them

He challenges his graduating students with 3 unassuming questions to examine, measure, and improve their lives after college:

(Note- these are my capsules, not his actual questions)

  1. How do I need to do be to have a successful and happy career?
  2. How do I maintain and strengthen my relationships with my spouse, my children and cherished friends for the benefit of all?
  3. How can I be an ethical person in these changing times of growing duplicity and deceit?

The authors examine how to think about life, what causes what to happen, and why.  There are business case studies throughout the book that demonstrate their points

The authors discuss:

  • priorities – many questions we have asked or should ask ourselves today to find success and happiness in  careers, in  relationships and how to listen to the right inner voice we all hear
  • Motivation and how to assess what is really important to us
  • Money as neither good or bad, but a potential problem when it displaces everything else
  • Assessing job choices and a list of great questions for all of us
  • How-to’s on building and maintaining strong personal relationships
  • Building internal and healthy cultures- business, personal and family
  • Defining our own personal purpose in life

I am a boomer and above that age I mentioned in the title, but I found this book thought provoking and interesting for self-assessment.  I recognized life stages I did very well, and others I wish I had do overs. I saw some stages where I corrected my course and as impotently how I was able to assist others as a mentor, a guide or simply a life friend.

I really enjoyed reading this very different point of view on do-it-yourself analysis.
“How Will You Measure Your Life?”

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Way of the Peaceful Warrior: Insightful – this makes one think!

Image result for dan millman books

This is not a new book, and there are literally 100s of reviews so there is not a need to try to be all revealing in an assessment of the plot or flow of the book.


This book is exceptional for us when we find ourselves in a place when we need to renew our focus and direction. For example, p 104 has a dialogue about overhauling ourselves. It identifies that we are a “tangled mass of twisted circuits and outmoded programs…..” In these days of information overload (and much of it of questionable value) , that assessment has merit – IF we stop to think about where we are in life individually.

The movie (which included one of Nick Nolte’s best performances ever) was good, but the details in the book are much deeper and allow the reader to pay attention to the feelings and discussions in our own head.

Page 166 shares a fable about two monks on a journey. In less than one page, there is a lesson about what causes so many of us unnecessary trouble – A LACK OF FOCUS. The lesson is to keep our attention in the present moment – this does not mean to stop planning ahead, but to focus on the NOW in order to reach our goals.

Well done! Highly recommended


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A Father’s Word to His Children – Calm, Inspiring Thoughts in days of Information Overload by Dr. Marc Clark

For those looking for a gift of inspiration in both words and photographs of nature `s flowers, “A Father’s Word to His Children” should be near the top for serious consideration

In these days of information overload, it is a pleasure to find a book that seeks to share calm, insights and a moment for reflection.A Father's Word to His Childen


Filled with short, thought provoking insights and beautiful photography, this book can be for personal meditation or a thoughtful gift for any occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings or just because).



In this  book, Kentucky author Dr. Marc Clark guides fathers on how to show their children love in ways they can understand. He believes that when fathers speak, their words create impressions, pictures, expectations, and dreams. He hopes fathers will make the most of the connections they can build and the positive influence they can have through the pages in this book.

Dr. Clark has been interacting with groups of people in hospitality management, training and education for the past 30+ years, in more than 20 countries. He has lectured around the world and this book reminds me in some ways of the Father’s Wisdom series by Jackson Brown a number of years ago or others like it. It would make a great desk top book and should appeal to the heart of all people, cultures and age groups.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher or by visiting Barnes & Noble or Amazon com.

This is also an eLIVE title, meaning each book contains a code redeemable for a free audio book version from TatePublishing eLIVE – Listen, Imagine, View, and Experience!

He has recently begun a new chapter in his life as Minister of White’s Chapel (United Methodist) in Kentucky.

Dr. Clark lives in Franklin, Kentucky with his wife, Penny. He has six children and ten grandchildren. He attributes his success to faith, family, and friends.  Dr. and Mrs Marc Clark, Book Signing Nov 2011

He begins the book in his personal way of communication – respect for everyone and a higher being.

The content of my book, “A Father’s Word to His Children” comes from my heart. I hope you enjoy reading and pondering it as much as I did creating it. Respectfully Dr. Marc Clark, PS 63:7

For signed copies from the author, hard cover or soft cover, go to his site , smartbizzonline


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