Do you know what is very likely your biggest problem area in your hotel?

Do you know how to deal with your biggest point of pain?

Working with a select group of hospitality professionals this past year, we found out the answers to both questions. The Hotelier Mastermind formed in early 2016 to identify and resolve problem areas facing hoteliers today. At it’s core, the Hotelier Mastermind includes John Hogan, Kathleen Hogan, Tim Danyo and Jon Albano.

John and Kathleen are the Co-Founders of, a hotel consulting resource for hospitality professionals focused on making hotels more profitable. Kathleen is the CEO and John is the Chief Learning Officer. Among other things, Hospitality Educators is the creator and facilitator of the AAHOA Leadership Gold CHO Program. John is a expert witness and industry resource.

Tim is a film maker, an educator, and an entrepreneur, and he’s the Founder and CEO of the video production company

Jon Albano is the Founder and CEO of the LodgingMetrics dashboard for hotels, and host of the the Lodging Leaders podcast. For more than 13 years, Jon defined Membership Services for AAHOA, with more than 15,000 members owning more than 20,000 hotels that total $128 billion in property value. As Vice President of Membership, he oversaw Membership, Education, Public Relations & Communications, and Information Technology departments.

At the beginning of this year, the four of us partnered together to form the Hotelier Mastermind – a carefully selected “think tank” of leading hospitality professionals – to help us identify the biggest challenges hoteliers face today, and utilize the collective intelligence of the group to solve them.

We Talk About …

  • The mastermind process, what a mastermind group is, and the criteria we used to carefully select the right participants to help us.
  • The problem we uncovered of finding and keeping quality hotel associates, how we went about validating it, and what we learned about the cause.
  • How to source top talent
  • How to winnow the list of candidates
  • How to effectively interview
  • How to on-board and orient your new hires
  • How to keep the A Players for the long haul

If you’ve listened to previous Lodging Leaders podcasts, then you know they constantly offer practical, actionable advice to listeners, and The Hotelier Mastermind agreed to share a lot of what was learned for FREE.

Over the next couple of weeks, The Hotelier Mastermind will be sharing a FREE 3-VIDEO TRAINING COURSE, including downloads, and details for upcoming webinars.

We’re going to start sending out the content this coming Monday, October 31, and it won’t be available anyplace else, so go ahead and sign up now… won’t be disappointed.