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This past week, I was in Manhattan attending the semi-annual meeting for the Certification Commission of AH&LA’s Educational Institute. It was encouraging to learn that the number of people earning certifications on many levels are again increasing and there are a number of new programs to be launched in 2011.

One of the other events we attended was the Niagara University Hospitality program “meet and greet” held annually at the Waldorf Astoria. Hilton is one of the major hospitality companies that hires graduates each year from Niagara and this event allows one-on-one interaction between industry leaders and some of the students who are about to graduate.

This was probably the 5th time Kathleen Hogan (Publisher of and I have attended and we were again impressed by the rising generation of hospitality professionals. The interest levels of the students embraces all parts of the industry and a number of them have clear goals in mind for the future. If you are looking for new talent – consider these graduates. Kathleen interviewed several and will be including their perspectives on the changing industry in an upcoming HOSPITALITY CONVERSATIONS column on students’ experiences on internships.

On a related item about learning, earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a GET MOTIVATED program held in our city. The organization, celebrating their 25th anniversary, featured a number of well-known people, including Zig Ziglar, Steve Forbes, Laura Bush, Kurt Warner and others.

The stated goal of these programs is to provide ideas and perhaps some inspiration for attendees to increase their productivity, their income and their overall levels of satisfaction.

While I enjoyed a number of the messages, one that particularly influenced me was the one by former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. His talk was not what he felt were his accomplishments in life, but what he felt he had learned. He did not talk about his potential political plans or projections on upcoming elections, but instead shared a number of things he felt were essential to effective leadership.

1. Read more, so that one can learn about things new to you.
2. Listen more, rather than talk. The results can be amazing.
3. Debate when necessary – it is important to be challenged and for you to be able to defend your strategy and approaches to problems.
4. Write more, so your communication skills continue to evolve.
5. Finally, he shared what was the mantra and strategy for IBM for many years – to THINK. Do not accept the status quo if it can be improved, but learning about the status quo means assessing it and thinking about options.

Several weeks ago, I included in one of my columns in this publication a short book review of Holiday Inns’ founder Kemmons Wilson. I received some positive feedback from a number of readers who appreciated my comments on HALF LUCK, HALF BRAINS and for including Wilson’s 20 Tips for Success.

Blending the reader feedback with my recollection of Giuliani’s comments created the focus of this short article. I personally do read a great deal and wanted to share with readers an easy to follow theme with a book with a title that is right on the money.

In Their Time: The Greatest Business Leaders of the Twentieth Century
By Anthony J. Mayo, Nitin Nohria

I expected that a book on business leadership published by the Harvard Business School would be solid reading and I was anticipating the traditional 10 Best with honorable mentions. I was very pleased to find MUCH more – 10 chapters reflecting the 10 decades with excellent insights to the world at large and how people thought at the time and looking ahead.

This book describes 100 people in many different roles, industries and with varying perspectives. I have found that there is always so much more to reflect on and this book provides some excellent ideas that can be considered and modeled. While most of the people and ideas are not directly in hospitality, they are mostly about meeting needs and satisfying people, which is the foundation of delivering hospitality well

As always, comments are appreciated and welcome. Reader feedback is important to every columnist and publication. If I receive more positive comments on this type of message, I will include some in my columns and blog.

Keys to Success Hospitality Tip of the Week:
Hotel Common Sense Philosophy #10
“Study other winners, but not just those in your field.”
Dr. John Hogan CHE CHA CMHS

Part of the Fifteen Timeless Philosophies in Hospitality
A 2011 Keynote Address and Workshop

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KEYS TO SUCCESS – Observations on SERVICE #11-25

Last month, I shared the first 10 of service quotes I often use in my columns and in many of my training presentations as well, in both the full programs and in breaks. I know they are effective, as I receive requests for copies from many participants following these sessions. The response was very positive and I am pleased to share the next group

I believe that each of us has truly GREAT and original ideas at different times in our lives. We are likewise inspired by others at times by reading their books or sometimes a simple quote. Please send me your favorite quotes on SERVICE and I’ll include them in a future column

Quotes that address the topic of SERVICE.

11. Service is like what Mom told you about piano lessons:

12. TEAM

13. Service is one big game show:
Always try for the BIG prize!

14. Optimism is positive thinking, lighted up.

15. “Minds are like parachutes.
They only function when they are open.”
Sir James Dewar

16. You will always get an idea
if you think and don’t panic.

17. It is not enough to do your best;
you must know what to do,
and THEN do your best.

18. Be the Cause of Wonderful Things

19. Passion

20. “I have not failed.
I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”(on the light bulb)
Thomas Edison

21. “It’s kind of fun
to do the impossible.”
Walt Disney

22. When a customer walks
out of your place of business with a smile on their face –
THAT’s your product!

23. “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”
Will Durant

24. “A Wise person will make more opportunities than seem to exist.”
Sir Francis Bacon

25. Service is measured by ACTIONS,
not by reputations.

More to follow …

Keys to Success Hospitality Tip of the Week:
Hotel Common Sense Philosophy #6
“Define and Deliver EXCELLENCE. Practice “win-win” philosophies with everyone. Always.”
Dr. John Hogan CHE CHA CMHS

Part of the Fifteen Timeless Philosophies in Hospitality
A 2011 Keynote Address and Workshop

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