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The hotel and hospitality industry is one that is constantly changing and evolving. To succeed in it, one must be aware of an incredible range of items.

My entire career has been in the hospitality industry, with an emphasis on hotels, since the 1970s. I have been involved in many facets of the business (franchise HQ office, franchisee, ownership perspectives, training, management and more) and I had the privilege of knowing all three of the authors of the earlier Editions of this text book:

1. Norman Cournoyer was my faculty advisor at the University of Mass and an avid entrepreneur.
2. Tony Marshall was the long time Dean of the Hospitality Program at FIU, the former President of the AH&LA Educational Institute, an author and a well-respected speaker at industry events.

These two have passed away, but beginning with probably the 3rd Edition, Karen Morris added a very strong and positive dimension. Morris is a Distinguished Professor at Monroe Community College since 1980 and an elected Brighton Town Judge since 1994. Judge Morris is one of two attorneys who present the TOP 100 CASES of the previous year at the annual Hospitality Lawyer conference which is always one of the highlights of each program.
This 8th Edition of Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law – A Preventative Approach is AMAZING.

Karen Morris is joined by two additional co-authors.
• Jane Boyd Ohlin is the director of Strategic Development of Dedman School of Hospitality at Florida State University. She is a member of the facility and is the former Director of the Program at FSU. She has an international background in both teaching and from her consulting work and is very involved in many hospitality associations’ research and legal projects.
• Sten Siger teaches Hospitality Law at FSU and is an active attorney in Florida and Michigan. His clients include a range of business and commercial ventures

At first look, one is impressed by the size of 8th Edition. Some of us like to read more than others, but one can always appreciate the incredible detail that can be found in the 900 page reference resource.

There are 16 chapters in detailed, easy to follow formats.
Each chapter has:
• Learning outcomes
• Key terms
• Discussion Questions (and recaps)
• Application Questions
• Websites appropriate to the topic of the chapter

While it might seem every book should include these, not all do in such a practical flow.

• Chapter 1 – Introduction to Contemporary Law
• Chapter 2 – Legal Procedures: Journey of a Case through the Courts
• Chapter 3 – Civil Rights and Hospitality
• Chapter 4 – Contract Law (it is amazing how many hoteliers do not understand this concept)
• Chapters 5 and 6 – Negligence – Principles and Practices
• Chapters 7 and 8 – Dealing with Guests, Visitors and Property
• Chapters 9 and 10 – The rights of Innkeepers and of Guests
• Chapters 11 and 12 – Liability from the sale of food and Alcohol
• Chapter 13 – Rights and Liabilities of Travel Agents and the Airlines
• Chapter 14- Employment (another huge area too many hotel managers have not taken the time to understand fully)
• Chapter 15 – Regulations and Licensing (you would not believe how many new laws are passed each year)
• Chapter 16 Specialized Destinations – Casinos, Theme Parks, Spas and Condo hotels

There is an Industry Glossary that can be either an introduction or a solid refresher for some of us.

There are dozens of legal cases quoted in understandable meaning throughout the book in the appropriate chapters.

As I said in a review of an earlier edition, whether you own or manage a property, there are constantly evolving events in our industry that affect us all and we must pay attention.

If you have a branded hotel, that organization may advise you of some changes, but it remains our responsibility to deal with those changes.

While this is one of the three most widely used texts used in hospitality education at major universities and colleges, it also has an immense amount of reference materials and NEED TO KNOW information for hoteliers and restaurateurs.

I use this resource regularly in my work as an expert witness in legal cases and in presentations.

A resource of great value to both Industry and Hospitality Students ; I cannot say enough good things about it

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