Observations on the value of brands

WHAT makes a brand successful? It’s a difficult question with many possible answers.

Throughout most of marketing history, the main principle behind creating a brand is to stand out from the crowd. The idea of most brands is therefore to take a product or service and to strongly emphasize the values of that product or service through the brand message, a message communicated via advertising, shiny and look –at-me-style publicity. Matt Haig the Brand Royalty P 213

In reality, it is the lack of conformity in brands that makes brands successful.
But each one has a common factor – clarity.

“A clear brand message combined with a clear point of difference is evidently the key to a successful brand”

Consumers now can come in contact with more brands in a single day than their 1930s equivalents would have seen in a whole decade.

To break through the clutter, a brand inevitably needs to have a clear message

“There were a lot of jokes that we would be the only thing that was recession-proof. I think we’re finding now that nothing is recession-proof.”
Douglas Brand, Senior brand manager overseeing Chunky Soup and Chili for Campbell Soup Co