Time for 2011 Planning on Capital Budgets

June 23 is an excellent time to refine the process for next year’s capital budget plan, with time lines due in 30 and 60 days.

5 reasons why the best time to exhibit at trade shows may be right now

With the economy turning around, is this a good time to invest in a trade show exhibit? The answer is yes. Statistically, there is no bad time to invest in an exhibit. Trade shows are one of the most cost effective means of reaching customers and prospects any time:

  1. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)[1] released statistics earlier this year that put the average cost to close a sale beginning with a trade show lead at $705. That’s significantly less than the $1,140 it costs to close leads from sources other than trade shows.
  2. Trade shows are also less expensive than field sales calls for reaching potential customers. $212 is the national average cost of reaching a visitor at a trade show. It costs $308 to visit a prospect in the field.
  3. An average of 1.6 personal follow-up sales visits is needed to close a sale originating from a trade show contact. Comparatively, 3.7 visits are required to close a non-show lead.
  4. Trade shows out-perform catalogs, manufacturer’s reps, trade journals and many other kinds of sales contacts as the main source for purchasing information.
  5. The quality of trade show attendees is at an all time high. Over 71 percent can authorize or approve the purchase of products or services; and over 70 percent hold professional and managerial positions.

[1] (Courtesy: Center for Exhibition Industry Research; Successful Trade Show Strategies)

Plan 2011 Marketing Plans Now

Time for 2011 Marketing Plans to be refined

Early June is an ideal time to begin the 2011 Marketing plans, with deadlines for submission in mid July and follow up in mid- August

Even though the global marketplaces remain uncertain in some key financial stability, there are signs of stabilization that should allow reasonable projections to be made.  The deadlines mentioned above link to the capital and operating budgets that also need to discussed and planned.

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TODAY is the time for focused and creative hotel marketing.

Now is the time for focused and creative hotel marketing.

STR’s 2010 summer forecast projects mixed results in the three key performance metrics this summer ( June, July ,August.), with summer occupancy up 2.2 % from summer 09 to 63.1 percent, ADR dropping 1.9 % to US$95.16, and ReVPAR virtually flat with a 0.2% increase to US$60.03.

Intelligent packaging and synergy with other businesses can be created almost immediately and promoted online, on GDS and brand sites and through traditional advertising in feeder markets.

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Some Shared Thoughts from our Master Hospitality Planner and Promotional Calendar

June 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Plant trees to save energy. Depending on your location, deciduous trees on the southern and western sides of your hotel can provide shade in hot weather & allow natural heat from the sun to shine through in winter 2 Review & update your web site, whether you are branded or independent. You must keep this fresh & current! Monthly Reminder Fix dripping faucets & constantly running toilets – you are paying for both water & sewage for all that unused water,  Many are easy to repair. 4 Old Maid’s Day

Create a plan that works with area businesses that offer coupons, packages, with live and on line cross selling . Monthly reviews.

World Environment Day

Send every employee a signed birthday card to his/her home. Prepare them early in the month  & mail each group once a week.  The personal touches matter.