Hot Topics for Hotel Owners and Managers

  • Human Trafficking
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • ATM and Vending Hoaxes
  • Overtime and Salary issues
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Terrorism Awareness

I invite you to watch this short video that addresses a number of issues facing all of us today.

John J. Hogan

Hospitality Educators

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The Most Important Words for the Workplace or “A short course in human relations”

John J Hogan of HoganHospitality & HospitalityEducators Blog

Several years ago, a  famous athlete was being inducted to his sports’ hall of fame and in his remarks, he commented on the need and value for team work. He quoted the often used phrase “there is no I in team” but he added there is an I in “win”.

An online search for the author of the following short piece does not bring a definite answer – there are slight variations but the message is fundamentally the same:

6. The six most important words:      “I admit I make a mistake”

5. The 5 most important words:           “You did a good job”

4. The 4 most important words:          “What is your opinion?”

3. The 3 most important words:           “If you please”

2.  The 2 most important words:          “Thank you!”

  1.  The…

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