Some Shared Thoughts from our Master Hospitality Planner and Promotional Calendar

June 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 Plant trees to save energy. Depending on your location, deciduous trees on the southern and western sides of your hotel can provide shade in hot weather & allow natural heat from the sun to shine through in winter 2 Review & update your web site, whether you are branded or independent. You must keep this fresh & current! Monthly Reminder Fix dripping faucets & constantly running toilets – you are paying for both water & sewage for all that unused water,  Many are easy to repair. 4 Old Maid’s Day

Create a plan that works with area businesses that offer coupons, packages, with live and on line cross selling . Monthly reviews.

World Environment Day

Send every employee a signed birthday card to his/her home. Prepare them early in the month  & mail each group once a week.  The personal touches matter.

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