Light Bulb Moments: 75 Lessons for Everyday Living | the right book for almost anyone under 40 years old (or young)

I am including a number of recommended reading listings in my blogs because I have learned there are so many different ways of learning and improving ourselves.

Our business success reflects our personal sense of value and both interact with each other as our careers progress.

Light Bulb Moments

 Light Bulb Moments: 75 Lessons for Everyday Living

by Talayah Stovall   is a 5 Star recommendation.

This is the right book for almost anyone under 40 years old (or young)
I say this because it is a small treasury of ideas crafted to the reader who at times is facing life issues.

These can include
• relationships
• building or being on a team
• when to say yes and when to say no
• time management
• learning to appreciate what we have and can do, as well as what we cannot do
• understanding values of our own and others
• passion
• vision
• dealing with success
• dealing with failure
• persistence and many more

I said this is the right book for almost anyone under 40 years old, but in reality we all need to refocus our attention at times. This is a collection of short tales (3-5 pages each) that can cause any of us to have the AH-HA or Light Bulb moment.

Highly recommended!

Dr. John Hogan
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