Recommended Reading from|Employment Law: The Essential HR Desk Reference

Employment Law: The Essential HR Desk Reference
by Lisa Guerin J.D.

Comment:“An Excellent Quick ReferenceThis is the first NOLO resource I have seen and overall it is easy to read and follow.The book itself is 357 pages and its A to Z reference style makes it easy to go directly to the topic you are looking for – IF you know the precise term. For example, if you are looking for “At Will” employment details, it is under E in the Employment Contract section, not A.

The other suggestion I would make on updates would be to include an index so the terms can be found a bit easier.

That being noted, the book itself does carry solid information on many issues that smaller companies may not be familiar with and can be used by any size organization for reference

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John Hogan, CHA CHE
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