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Manifest Moment to Moment: 8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire




My adult son was visiting with us on vacation last summer and saw I was reading this book. His question was direct and logical – haven’t you read enough of these self improvement books over the years?

Good question that made me think.

I usually read about two books per week – one a novel and the other one that can teach me something or give me some insights I did not have previously.

This book may or may not share something “new” to a reader – it depends on where that reader is in relation to their life journey. We all encounter challenges with both successes and failures in life. It is how we deal with those experiences that makes a difference.

This book is published by Hay House, which was founded by Louise Hay . This publisher has a number of excellent books for people at all stages in life.

The authors connected in Tuscon Arizona , where one is a University Professor and the other a corporate educator, consultant and life coach.

The book has eight principles the authors describe as guides to help create the life the reader really want. Some will likely have a deeper meaning than others, but they do flow well.

1. You Have a Unique Soul Mission.
2. It’s All About Energy.
3. Intuition is the Magic Wand.
4. Your Belief and Your Story Do Not Define You and Can Be Changed.
5. Your Desire Forms the Basis of Every Manifestation.
6. Intention Overcomes Every Obstacle.
7. You Have the Power to Clear, Heal and Reinvent Constantly.
8. Your Inner Guidance Knows the Path to Creating Life Balance.

There are some short checklists and exercises of value to a reader who will take the time to pay attention, which is sometimes a challenge for me as it seems I am often in a rush to finish a book rather than “listen” to the messages in them.

An excellent resource with  value to a reader who will take the time to pay attention


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