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It cannot be easy to find a novel way to write yet another book on self-branding of the individual, but I find that Stedman Graham has found his unique approaches and messages on ways to develop the success to be found in each of us.

With a foreword by John Maxwell and an afterword by Stephen Covey, one has reason to believe that the content between the two has substance and Graham hits the mark.

Using his Nine-Step Success Process, Graham uses interesting and believable examples of his own life on he addressed stereotype cause and effect situations.  He offers discussion and reason for thought on how we develop values as the base and center of our identity, as we feel it should be, not as others say it should be.

There are Questions to Consider at the end of chapters, and nuggets of inspiration in shaded boxes throughout.

I find Stedman Graham to be an excellent and precise writer – he gets to the point of his message clearly and with just enough background.

I also consider him to be a strong believer in what seems to be on the verge of extinction – the quality and competency of “thinking.”  He offers the proposition that we need to challenge the premise of traditional learning, where we learn to be a worker who finds a job and completes the assigned work. His dramatic point is the observation that so many of us program ourselves (or allow up others to program us) to do the same thing over and over and over again.  Is it any wonder that so many people change jobs?  Do we really all want to do and accomplish the absolute minimum to get by?

Graham’s nine steps start with the premise of the book title – identity.  He states it is essential to be honest with one’s self and he includes inspirational stories by a number of well-known names who hit the mark in their journeys and give us reason to think more about ours.

Graham makes the point that we really only have ourselves to blame if we miss the real hidden identity, resources and purpose that we all have hidden under the surface

Read this short book – find your true identity.

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