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This is a different kind of title for me to use “An unusual book with some solid messages……..”, but this is a different kind of book.

It is authored by David Pearl,a UK based business consultant, who seems to understand meetings. He has a solid background and his intent is sharing ways to avoid having to attend more of those horrible group activities (called meetings) that are so often disorganized, held without real purpose and providing any tangible results for anyone except the ego of select people who called the meeting.

The book has 5 sections and the first 2 sections discuss “nearly meeting” and “really meeting” in the 1st 60 pages.

Section 3 dissects the “anatomy of meeting” and I found this to be to the point and helpful for people who are looking to better organize themselves and the team.

The next 58 pages in section 4 discusses and critiques the 7 kinds of meetings, which is easy to read and offers some good points. The last 20 pages of “Meeting Mischief” is mis-titled – it really has the solutions needed by most of us.

`Will There Be Donuts?’ is a “cute’ title, but I found a few too many “cute” sayings (hey everyone, i just saw a mammoth- p.168 & repeated over and over, a Harry meeting Sally, etc).

The author does communicate some solid ideas of the who, how, why, what and when of meetings.

This is worth reading.

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