Worth the time and money!

We all realize today that technology plays a major role in almost all businesses. Ignorance of how to effectively position one’s business is no longer acceptable to be able to compete.

I am not a technically oriented person, but have learned a great deal about placing businesses and their information online.

As I often do, I have tried to identify some positives and limitations in reviews:


• The book is user friendly and very visual, and almost every page has web screenshots, which are labeled. The images show readers where to look and what to do during process of optimizing a website.

• The book is skill-based, with steps intended to teach one “how to” to perform internet marketing and SEO.

• It has more than SEO, and discussed social media, web hosting, and more, which is very important.


• The book tries to be relevant but it is hard to follow sometimes. It is not a one size fits all for all levels, but that may be a positive for some readers. The book seems geared for a very particular type of person who wants fast answers .

• I believe this is a book aimed at newcomers or novices, with some solid reference material. It does not seem to be a comprehensive guide, but that may also be a positive

The author Kristopher B. Jones provides understandable and professional assistance and demonstrates effective SEO techniques that are known to online marketers .

Areas covered include:

  1.  Keyword Generation
  2.  Creating Web Pages
  3.  Website Structure
  4.  Creating Optimized Content
  5.  Creating Communities
  6. Building Links
  7.  Using Google Analytics
  8.  Social Media Optimization
  9.  Creating Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  10.  Optimizing for Local Search
  11.  SEO Plug-ins & Tools

I am still learning and feel this reference is worth the time and money!

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