Nothing Changes Until You Do

Good lessons – recommended reading over a two week period, in small tastes and taking time to sink in.   This book is a series of contrasts.



The contrasts are an evolution of time and are generally positive and to the point.

I am not familiar with the career of Mike Robbins as a ballplayer, but it can be interesting to see the world from a different profession than our own. Some can say that most readers don’t really care about his ego and success in baseball, yet we all care about our life story and that is what we know about.

The author’s writings style uses an easy to read format and the chapters are short and bite sized. This is a book from Hay House publishing and one can see the values and approach that many of their authors use.

In particular, I like the following chapters
* Chapter one – focus on what really matters
* Chapter six – ask for help
* Chapter seven – don’t get caught in the trap of comparison
* Chapter 10 – don’t take yourself too seriously
* Chapter 13 – give yourself permission to make mistakes
* Chapter 17 – remember that it’s not the circumstances, it’s you
* Chapter 18 – appreciate people
* Chapter 20 – give yourself permission to cry
* Chapter 24 – practice gratitude
* Chapter 27 – remember that you are much more than what you do
* Chapter 31 – be easily amazed
* Chapter 37 – focus on what you can control
* Chapter 40 – live like you’re going to die (because you are someday)

I read two books a week, with one novel and one for something to expand my mind in a different direction. I doubt if there is much information in this book that many of us have not been exposed to previously, yet we all realize that we must keep repeating the lessons that are hard for us to learn if we are to gain from their strength.

This is a good book and a recommended reading over a two week period, in small tastes and taking time to sink in.

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