Recommended Reading from | Five Stars: Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business

5 starsAs a consumer, author, and educator who is on the road many weeks each year, I regularly submit online reviews. I try to be fair, honest and helpful to both the business and other consumers.

As a hotelier and professional seminar leader who works with hotel owners and managers in trying to help them improve their ratings, this book makes sense and I intend to recommend parts of it.

I find some of the book logical, but some it very repetitive. Some of the chapters are hard to follow, while others offer very specific suggestions. It has excellent insights for rookies, but some of the messages are a bit too fundamental for many businesses.

Many of the graphics and illustrations are unnecessarily too small to have much value as they are very hard to read.

It is overall a solid primer and good for businesses who are just entering the digital age. The authors do a credible job at explaining how different sites (Google + vs. Yelp vs. TripAdvisor, etc.) work and then offering ideas on how to use different approaches for these sites.

“Five Stars” authors Couzin and Grappone offer some practical answers and possible ways to make online reviews a positive marketing avenue for business.


Dr. John Hogan
Hospitality Educators
Hogan Hospitality


John Hogan       Kathleen Hogan


Kathleen Hogan Ireland Sept 2013John Hogan Sept 2013DSCN0215Dr. John Hogan CHA CMHS CHE CHO and Kathleen Hogan MBA CHO are the co-founders of, which was created in 2010 to be a resource for hotel owners and professionals as they sought to improve market share, occupancy, operational efficiency and profitability.  The husband and wife team are transitioning the original membership site concept and evolving the business model today to a focused resource offering consulting, training, and individualized support to both hospitality and other service businesses.   Services include keynote addresses workshops, online support, metrics measurement, marketing and customer service from a group of more than a dozen experienced professionals.   While continuing to serve hospitality, the demand for these types of services is growing and can be personalized.

John Hogan is also the principal of, which provides a range of expert professional services for hotel owners, including professional development for organizations, training, consulting and expert witness services.

Contact information:  Kathleen Hogan  480-436-0283, John Hogan 602-799-5375 or


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