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This is a non-traditional commissioned year-end column, in that is not a prediction of trends nor is it a list of New Year’s resolutions.  I felt honored to have been asked by the editor of one of the world’s best known online publications to consider and share my thoughts on what we want to see more in the  new year.  I expanded it to include what we want and need in 2012, which is reflected in the title that asks if hospitality is still the industry that motivates entrepreneurs.

 What we want and need in 2012 in Hospitality

# One:  Increased Cooperation between Franchisors and Franchisees.

The franchise model has been proven to be a successful vehicle for hundreds of thousands of businesses in many industries globally.  There are obvious areas of potential differences of interpretation in the franchise agreement, yet the concept of cooperation makes so much more sense than has been the mis- directed sense taken by some organizations.

  1. The consolidation of Brands by a relatively small number of international companies has led to intensified friction in certain markets and types of hotels.
  2.  There should be enough market difference for franchisors to provide the distinction which would reduce many of the frustrations for all parties.
  3.  Consumers also are confused because there are so many products offered by the same franchisors that appear to have little distinction.
  4. We include this in our consulting and training, as well as having written on this in the past (Getting the Most out of your hotel franchise investment)

   Success does not come by accident or chance.        

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