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Smart Management

Dr. Marc Clark, CHA, CHRE, CHE, CHO

 Pre-Screening Phone Interview Questionnaire

The benefit of conducting a pre-screening phone interview is to save both the interviewer time and the company money. Such questionnaires help identify and qualify employment candidates in order to move them to the next lever of the recruiting process.

Questions should address goals, personal skills, talent, team issues and interest.


  • Be inquisitive.
  • Ask pointed questions in order to generate specific responses.
  • Hone for facts.
  •  Look for weak links in information provided.
  • Do not assume anything.

Listen 80 percent—Talk 20 percent!

Probing Questions

  1. Provide me some facts pertaining to your current work situation:
  2. How do your talents, skills, and knowledge fit into our current workplace needs?
  3.  Describe the biggest contribution you have made to your workplace. Why do you feel that way?
  4. Tell me about a team task you participated in that failed. Where did things go wrong? How did you rectify the situation?
  5. Explain your concept of exceeding customer expectations.
  6. What is most significant individual accomplishment (award or recognition) you have achieved up to this point in your career?
  7.  Describe your strongest internal emotion and what it would bring to our workplace.

Think & Use Your Time Wisely

Quick Fact Finding Checklist
Collect the following information on each accomplishment for validation.

  • Discuss accomplishment and specific clarifying example.
  • Measure of success—When? Why? Impact? Statistics?
  • Collect names of supervisors, direct reports, peers, dates of employment.
  • Seek information on business, standards of performance, and quality of leadership.

 If candidate is applying for a management or supervisory position ask:

  1.  “What were the greatest challenges involved in dealing with your assignments?”
  2. “Describe the techniques you used to energize, bond and to build pride in your staff or team.”
  3. “Why were you chosen for additional leadership responsibilities?”
  4.  “How did you personally drive the business forward and contribute to the business’ bottom line?”
  5.  “What have you done in the last year in order to grow personally? Professionally?”
  6. “How did you grow or change as a result of this effort?”

Note this information from every candidate:

  • Applicant’s Name & Contact Number (Print)
  • E-mail Address
  • Position Applying For:
  • Interviewer:
  • Date:

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Using this kind of tool can allow a focused interviewer to listen for inconsistencies or missing information in the resume or CV.  The goal is to find the best match for both candidates and your hospitality business, so be certain to actively listen to the responses and follow up with the most promising candidates.

Success does not come by accident or chance.

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