Service quotations from #26- 40

Service quotations from #26- 40

 In my career, I have led discussions and classes an estimated 3,400+ times and I learn something from every group. Many groups enjoy the messages of others and I have created or been sent literally hundreds of sets of motivational guides that I often play during breaks or at session openings. Some are amusing, while others can stir emotions. Some are motivational and others are meant to make one think. Beginning in mid July, I will begin posting some of them on , which has become the #1 website for independent hotel owners and managers, with more than 700 resources available to members.

Service quotations #26- 40

 26. “Common sense is not so common.”           Author unknown

27. “Whatever you are,be a good one.”          Abraham Lincoln

28. “It is not what happens to us,But our response to what happens to us that counts.”                               Stephen R. Covey

29.  Love not only makes the world go around…Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”F.P. Jones

30. “I saw the angel in the stonewalled to set it free.”Michelangelo

31. ‘You can’t start a fire without a spark.”          Bruce Springsteen

32. “Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow.          Norman Vincent Peale

33.  Enthusiasm is the Mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever accomplished.”                        Ralph Waldo Emerson

34.  We cannot let our burdens paralyze our progress. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. Author unknown

35.   Don’t try to win a disagreement with a customer,because being right is the booby prize. Author unknown

36.   The SIMPLEST THINGS are the most difficult,so practice them all the time. Author unknown

37.  “It’s not whether you get knocked down,it is whether you get up.” Vince Lombardi

38.   We never plan to fail,but we often fail to plan.    Author unknown

39.  Imagine that customers have signs on them that say, “Make me feel Important!”

40.  Everything you do is important. Everything. Remember that things aren’t important.Attitude is. Author unknown

Please share your thoughts on this or other topics. As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

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