Understanding the Impact of Uniforms in Hospitality| Insights from HospitalityEducators.com

Understanding the Impact of Uniforms in Hospitality

Think back to an earlier time in your career when you had to wear a uniform selected by someone else.  You appreciated the job, experience and money, but think about that uniform for a bit….

  • was it comfortable?
  • did it fit?
  • did you think it was appropriate for the position?
  • was it reasonably easy to clean?
  • did you feel professional in it?
  • did you feel successful wearing it?
  • would you be embarrassed to wear it outside of the workplace?
  • would you have chosen it?
  • what else do you remember about it?

After graduation from hotel school, I was hired and placed in a management training program at the 1,000 room Sheraton Boston hotel.  When working at the front desk, I had to wear a bright polyester jacket that made me feel like I was working at a discount car rental location, rather than at what was then the flagship of the Sheraton brand.  That experience always stayed with me and when I had the opportunity to be involved in uniform selection for other people, I always recalled those questions (and others) when considering options.  The impact of uniforms can be much greater than the cost of the product, as it impacts the “high touch” side of hospitality.

Please share your thoughts on this or other topics.

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