Keys to Success Hospitality Tip : Focus on Innkeepers and the Guest Experience

I regularly write on the need to balance “high tech” with “high touch” and recall some of my best learning experiences from mentors who were the “hosts”, with examples shared in  “A Bakers Dozen” of   Strategies for Hotel Restaurant Managers [1]

Kemmons Wilson, founder of Holiday Inns almost 60 years ago, used the term  “Innkeeper”  for the person responsible to operate the hotels that were part of the system.

The organization that was named after a movie has certainly evolved and changed over the years, but the fundamental message about “innkeeping” remains the same for those of us who are passionate about our guests, our staff and the experience of staying at our hotels.

At a time when too much of the industry seems to be assuming that technology is the “automatic answer”, I do still see and find it refreshing to see certain professionals who continue to groom their staff people how to match clients’ needs with hotels’ value, features and benefits.

Kemmons Wilson :  20 Steps for Success

14. Opportunity knocks often.
It knocks as often as you have an ear trained to hear it, an eye trained to see it, a hand trained to grasp it and a head trained to use it.

Wilson had formulas for success I noted were posted at the University of Memphis Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort Management[2] and Museum.  Please send me a request to if you’d like a full set of these quotes in a power point presentation.



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