5 reasons why the best time to exhibit at trade shows may be right now

With the economy turning around, is this a good time to invest in a trade show exhibit? The answer is yes. Statistically, there is no bad time to invest in an exhibit. Trade shows are one of the most cost effective means of reaching customers and prospects any time:

  1. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)[1] released statistics earlier this year that put the average cost to close a sale beginning with a trade show lead at $705. That’s significantly less than the $1,140 it costs to close leads from sources other than trade shows.
  2. Trade shows are also less expensive than field sales calls for reaching potential customers. $212 is the national average cost of reaching a visitor at a trade show. It costs $308 to visit a prospect in the field.
  3. An average of 1.6 personal follow-up sales visits is needed to close a sale originating from a trade show contact. Comparatively, 3.7 visits are required to close a non-show lead.
  4. Trade shows out-perform catalogs, manufacturer’s reps, trade journals and many other kinds of sales contacts as the main source for purchasing information.
  5. The quality of trade show attendees is at an all time high. Over 71 percent can authorize or approve the purchase of products or services; and over 70 percent hold professional and managerial positions.

[1] (Courtesy: Center for Exhibition Industry Research; Successful Trade Show Strategies)


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